Complaints of the hearing impaired over Nigeria leaders

March 3rd, 2015 by

The Save Hearing impaired Foundation seeks for assistance from Nigeria leaders to assist the hearing impaired which they promised to create job opportunities for us after our course but are showing nonchalant attitude towards our special welfare and does not even show concern towards us. That is why we seek for assistance.
We are frustrated and looks like we are being rejected by the Nigeria government. Most of the government officers travel abroad to meet experts for medical treatment so as to have a healthy life but as for us the deaf, there is no form of treatment or provision for medical care in even in the cheapest hospitals.
Any government that cannot take care of the disabled such as the deaf. crippled, blind etc is not working to be in the position of leadership.
The government leaders do not care for the deaf but they pretend to be mindful of their suffering whereas they are working for their own interest forgetting that the disabled people are also human beings and should be treated equally without discrimination.
It is also very painful to note that in a great country like Nigeria, social amenities like pip borne water, electricity, health care facilities and so on are lacking not even to mention scholarships for the less privileged in the society.
The deaf have been allowed to be jobless and remain a burden to their parents who in most cased neglect them.
This is not supposed to be so.
In countries like South Africa, England, US and other advanced nations, the government is responsible for the deaf. They make provisions for their education, medical care and general well being but this is not the case in Nigeria.
It is on this note that we are appealing to the general public, well meaning individuals, corporate bodies, religious groups and other organizations to come to our aid.

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