About SHIF

The Save Hearing Impaired Foundation (SHIF) is a a non governmental organization (NGO) formed to represent the deaf members of the society.
Our mission is to support and educate the hearing impaired with a view to making them realize their dreams.
We are determined to articulate the special problems of the deaf in the society and channel these challenges to the right authority for proper actions.
Despite the effort being made to alleviate the suffering of the deaf, the organization is continuously confronted with various challenges. This is further compounded with the negative attitude toward the deaf by the general public and continuous discrimination.
Thus some deaf adults particularly women are left with no option than to resort to prostitution.

Many do not care about their health and either do their family get across to them.
Again, there are abundant cases of child abuse, many deaf children do not get the Love, care and support they need from their parents.
They are often abused, let alone given equal treatment with other hearing children.

The foundation, therefore seeks to enlighten deaf adult about the need to be extra careful with their health.
We equally send an appeal to parents of the deaf children to live up to their responsibility of caring for their deaf children.
Through the gatherings and meetings of SHIF, there is always an encouragement social interaction between the hearing and the deaf with a view to making the deaf children and adult feel a sense of belonging


The activities of the foundation is run by executive members comprising of the Leader, Secretary General,Treasurer and other members that can be involved as the need arises.


Due to our enormous programs requiring finances, the foundation will from time to time solicit for funds from the philanthropist in order to carried out her activities.


Membership of the foundation is open to all members of the society especially the hearing impaired.

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