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Leader Olu G. Ajayi is the founder of the hearing impaired foundation SHIF
Leader Olu G. Ajayi (Founder)
A very talented and ambitious young man, Leader Olu. G. Ajayi is the founder of The Save Hearing Impaired foundation (SHIF) in Lagos State, Nigeria. He is also the President of Brotherhood Society of the Deaf (BSD) as well as Exco Member of Lagos State Association of the Deaf – LSAD.He is interested in the fight to save deaf men and women, orphans and the poor masses.
He has been rendering a helping hand to the deaf through settlement of hospital bills as well as providing for the needs of the deaf.
Since inception of SHIF, Leader Olu has greatly committed to the yearning and aspirations of the deaf in the society.
Through his leadership, the SHIF has reached out to well-meaning individuals, groups and cooperation organization to support the deaf community.

Mrs. Ngozi P. A. (Treasurer)

Akeem Adebowale (Secretary)

Elder Mr. Oseni Taiwo Akinsanya (Member)

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