Child Abuse

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The life of some children can be affected by rape at their age. It can be hellish for a victim of child abuse because they can learn to have sex and be infected with disease of HIV/AIDS. One young lady who expressed her feelings indicated that at a very young age, she went to her neighbour to collect a VCD. There the man raped her. Regrettably, as a result of her depression, she confessed this as part of her problems so that women should take greater care of their children.

Another incidence happened to a lady who explained that her life is in danger, she was in love with a boyfriend but she had doubts about his faithfulness. This was how she started running after men who can give her money for her survival. When did not have money anymore, he decided to force her into prostitution as a means of getting money in order to enable her feed the man. As time went on the man encouraged her to poison some wealthy people in hotels to take their money in foreign currency and also steal the cars of her victims until police investigation revealed the criminal gang and arrested some of them including her visitors and relatives who did not know about their crime.

THE SAVE HEARING IMPAIRED FOUNDATION is now advising the hearing impaired/hearing people to train their children to avoid bad company because it can lead to a story like this.

In this world there are different ways of life and there is difficulty with male/female relationship who are ignorant of what will happen tomorrow. There was a relationship between a 42 year old man and 18 year old lady. Problem came from the man who went about other women and spending much money to turn women’s heads. The man got his neighbor’s girl and broke her virginity thereby making the girl to start dating the old man. She was in SS2 and the man promised to take over her burden, her educational career. But the following year, when she asked the man to pay for her WAEC/NECO’s bill, he denied her the request. Dishonest men make promises in order to have sex but they never keep their promises. This was a very wicked act to frustrate the education and career of young children. The government should spare time for children’s education.

Some students have dropped out of school because they were impregnated and had to cater for fatherless children at a very young age. Most parents seem to be helpless because they find it difficult to care for their children’s education. It is painful to note that there was a young girl of 24 in the South/South zone who said that her parents supported her promiscuity in order to get money for their feeding. But when she was infected with HIV/AIDS, she suffered alone as she underwent treatment in different hospitals and native doctors to cure AIDS. Neither the money nor the comfort she had from men was of any help to her!

THE SAVE HEARING IMPAIRED FOUNDATION advises the hearing impaired/hearing people in this country to avoid having sex without the use of CONDOM to prevent sexual infection.

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